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2nd Quarter UNIT REVIEW

Posted on January 12, 2015 at 7:50 AM

The due date for the Unit Review is approaching. It was originally set for January 20th, but that date may get pushed back a week or so. Either way, the questions below have been covered in class. I included where you should go to find the answer.

After we finish our exploration of the Ancient World, we will spend some time analyzing the state of affairs of N.A.M.E. today. In particular, we will compare the 3 Abrahamic Faiths born in this region (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), the impact of OPEC on the global economy and the formation of the modern nation of Israel.

1. Describe the relative location of N.A.M.E.  BIG Map

2. Where is the Suez Canal? BIG Map

3. Why is the Suez Canal so important? BIG Map and Interpresting Maps activity

4. Which climates are found in N.A.M.E.? BIG Map

5. What are the most important natural resources found in N.A.M.E.? Why? BIG Map and Interpresting Maps activity


6. Where is the Fertile Crescent? Fertile Crescent notes (ancient civilizations)

7. Why is the Fertile Crescent often considered the Cradle of Civilization? Fertile Crescent notes & Birth of Civilization notes

8. Label the following eras in human history on the line below.Timelines on class ceiling

9. What do you consider to be the 3 greatest achievements of the Fertile Crescent ancient civilizations? How did those achievements help move civilization forward making life easier for humans? Fertile Crescent notes & Birth of Civilization notes

11. Around which body of water is 60% of the world’s oil currently being pumped from? BIG Map

15. What is irrigation and how does it help make life easier for humans? Birth of Civilization notes

16. Why was the invention of irrigation so important to human civilization? Birth of Civilization notes


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