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Post Outdoor Ed Update for Everyone

Posted on October 7, 2014 at 9:15 AM

Parents, students and teachers came together to create another memorable Outdoor Ed. Sandy Hill Camp also deserves kudos for being such wonderful hosts. Now that we are back to the daily grind, here is an update on where we are in each class.

Periods 2 & 3: We are currently playing Decoding the Climates of the World. After all posters have been analyzed by students (today) we will  go over them as a class (tomorrow). We wil also be taking a Warm-Up Quiz on climates in class tomorrow. Our next topic of study will be Maps vs Globes: Battle for the World.

Periods 4 & 5: Students submitted their Trip of a Lifetime projects yesterday. We began Maps vs Globes: Battle for the World and will continue comparing these two ways to represent our earth in class today.

Period 6: We began playing Skits on Greek City-State Governments. I have enjoyed many good laughs! After we finish the game in class today, we will begin analyzing the various religions and gods of the ancient Greeks. Crash Course: Persians and Greeks is due Friday. Students need to complete the map game in class by next Friday (10/17).

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